What you need to know before tattooing your eyebrows


Most people who work in the beauty industry have basic qualifications such as massage, waxing, and nails just to name a few. However, you will have an added advantage over the other beauty specialists if you have an eyelash extension … Continued

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What you need to know before tattooing your eyebrows


Microblading tattooing technique is semi-permanent and creates hair-like strokes that fill in thinning or sparse brows. The aim of this practice is to give you effortless full brows; making you not to require expensive pencils or brow pencils. This theory … Continued

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The Amazing Benefits of Semi-Permanent Makeup

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Makeup application is a necessity but the challenge is that it consumes a lot of time from your schedule. Women spend lot of time make these routine applications on a daily basis because all of them want to have an … Continued

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How to Identify the Best Semi-Permanent Makeup training Korea


Even a child will tell you that the popularity of semi-permanent makeup in Korea has been on the rise. Women have become busier and they are running away from the routine of applying makeup each day to more permanent solution. … Continued

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How is eyebrow embroidery done?


The technician will start by cleaning the brow line by removing strays. He will then apply the anesthetic cream to reduce the pain sensation. After drawing the desired brows, he will use a blade to cut small pieces of the … Continued

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Eyebrow Tattoo and Permanent Make up Equipment


It is good to have an idea of the equipment that the artist uses to give you any permanent make up Korea enhancements like an eyebrow tattoo. Having a rough idea is good because the artist will be working on … Continued

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Why Have Semi-Permanent Make Up Treatment


Some of the individuals who go for semi-permanent make up treatments want to enhance or change their natural features. Other people who have a poor eyesight find the semi-permanent make up Korea to be an ideal option. The procedure also … Continued

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Important Information about Permanent Make Ups

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Permanent makeup’s normally cover eyebrow pencils, lip liners, and eyeliners and is tailored to copycat make up that is freshly applied on the eyes and lips. The permanent makeup Korea artist uses a tattoo pen to inject permanent into your … Continued

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Understanding the Semi-Permanent Makeup Procedures


Semi-permanent makeup has an amazingly beautiful look when you do them in the right manner under the guidance of a professional. You need an experienced professional the right semi-permanent make up training Korea. You need to understand that the cosmetic … Continued

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Top Reasons to Eyelash Extension Training


Most people who work in the beauty industry have basic training in massage, waxing and nails. However, it is a good idea to go an extra mile and take eyelash extension training Seoul. Here are some of the top reasons … Continued

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Tips on How to Choose the Best Semi Permanent Training Institute in Korea


The demand for various beauty services have been on the rise in the modern day. However, no customer will trust you unless you have the right semi-permanent makeup training Korea. The good thing is that so many institutes are offering … Continued

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The eye must be provided the attention in doing makeup


Eyes are the most beautiful part of the human body. In makeup, the first care that must be provided is to the eyes. It has been seen that many people used to grab the attention by their beautiful eyes. But … Continued

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