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Semi-permanent Makeup Training Korea: How to Know Where to Go


As experts in the field of semi-permanent makeup in Korea, we have a lot to offer those seeking the best in semi-permanent makeup, and those who desire to become trained in the art. But with all the hype surrounding this … Continued

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Pitangui Lee Na Young Aesthetic & Academy


Semi-permanent makeup Korea is a broad topic, and one of the questions that gets asked most is, “What kind of makeup can you find in semi-permanent treatment programs?” Depending on where you go and how much you’re willing to spend, … Continued

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How did I enhance my look and revitalize mornings? Permanent Makeup, Korea!


I used to wake up in conflict every day. As a morning person, I couldn’t wait for my first cup of coffee. But I also knew that shortly after that, I’d have to get ready, and that meant applying makeup. … Continued

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Semi-Permanent Makeup Korea: Find Your New Passion


It’s probably an understatement to say that semi-permanent makeup in Korea is exploding. This is the case around the world as well, from Canada to Europe to Asia. The ease that semi-permanent makeup brings to life helps people look great … Continued

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Top 4 Reasons People Choose Eyebrow Tattoo Korea


So you’re considering eyebrow tattoo in Korea? This can often be a decision that people spend dozens of hours thinking about. We thought we’d detail a list of our top four reasons that people choose this semi-permanent makeup technique for … Continued

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Eyelash Extensions Training Seoul Combines Beauty and Career


You’ve seen all the commercials and all the hype about how big and beautiful different mascaras will make your eyelashes. And, if we’re honest, in the commercials they look pretty freaking amazing. But when you add up the cost of … Continued

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Eyebrow Tattoo Korea: An Overview


Many women constantly feel self-conscious about the way their eyebrows look. Too thick or thin, wrong shade, wrong shape. It’s a never-ending battle with tweezers, wax, and pain. We know how you feel. You want to feel beautiful, but what … Continued

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The Rise of Permanent and Semi-Permanent Makeup


Semi-permanent makeup Korea started as a result of the influence brought about by body art tattoos. Incorporating these techniques when placing permanent makeup on the face is a long-lasting solution for most women who keep applying makeup on daily basis. … Continued

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The Importance of Semi-Permanent Makeup Training Korea


You can use the semi-permanent makeup training Korea to perform hundreds of corrective procedures and thousands of treatments. You can carry out all of these proceedings by use of digital machines and high-quality micro pigments that meet the standards provided … Continued

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Results to Expect From Eyebrow Embroidery


In many occasions, eyebrow embroidery Korea is carried out on women with light brown hair and pale skin. The common complaint that comes from these women is that the coloring of the brow is too dark. For you to get … Continued

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Requirements for Attaining the Best Semi-Permanent Make-Up Results


Before the procedure of semi-permanent make-up Korea, you will have to undergo the process of determining the right color, shape, and equipment that will work best on your pigmentation area. After performing the first procedure, you will have to attend … Continued

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Is Micro Blading Necessary For Your Eyebrows?


You realize that eyebrow embroidery is necessary for you when you look in the mirror and ascertain that your eyebrows are not looking beautiful. To begin this process of eyebrow embroidery Korea, the technician will remove strays by cleaning up … Continued

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