Eyebrow embroidery Korea is a method of achieving fuller eyebrows and enhancing the facial features by using natural mineral pigment which is applied to blend with the natural brows. Pitangui Lee Na Young Aesthetic and Academy ensures that the brows look natural and follow the natural flow the hair. The eyebrow embroidery Korea includes performed by y a skilled technician who uses natural mineral pigments to blend with the current brow and also use also use a feathering technique to ensure that the brows look natural. Touch ups and alteration of the intensity of the brows occur after the eyebrow embroidery procedure is over.

The major differences between eyebrow embroidery Korea and eyebrow tattoo Korea is that the latter is an older technique in which the eyebrows receive a permanent tattoo on and through the procedure, one is committing him/herself to the looks. The eyebrow tattoos, though, do fade and can look patchy with time. The other difference is that eyebrow tattoos do not look as natural as eyebrow embroidery.

Makeup by facial part or eyebrow tattoo Korea is a natural and vivid semi-permanent makeup service through a combination of various colors with consideration on safety by using safe needles, safe handpiece, a natural pigment and disposable cartridge only. The academy uses Topix natural pigment manufactured suitable for skin tone which is by importing PDA-approved natural raw materials assigned to the highest class from German Dermatest.Parts of the therapy associated with eyebrow tattoo Korea include 3D semi-permanent eyebrows, hairline, eye line, lips, areola, and eyebrows.

One touch mucous membrane is a vivid eye line surgery that is clear in sweat or water without the need to re-touch. The 3D detail eyebrow is unique for its most natural look, in shape and color. The painless tinted lip is an Expression of scarlet plump and attractive lips without putting on lipstick; The natural hairline involves a faltering forehead line, 3-shaped or uneven forehead while the Medical semi-permanent makeup includes the Coloring of the nipple or nipple and correction of areola scar after breast surgery. These are all parts of therapy in eyebrow tattoo Korea.

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