Eyebrow Tattoo and Permanent Make up Equipment


It is good to have an idea of the equipment that the artist uses to give you any permanent make up Korea enhancements like an eyebrow tattoo. Having a rough idea is good because the artist will be working on your body and you want to be sure that you are in safe hands. The good thing is that you can understand eyebrow micropigmentation and tattooing procedures with a lot of ease. You will be able to know what to expect during the procedure as long as you understand the equipment the semi-permanent make up Korea will use in undertaking his duties.

This article presents some of the tools you will come across in the beauty industry. You need to understand these permanent make up Korea equipment so that you can ensure they are modern. Always go for an artist who uses modern equipment because they are more efficient when it comes to service delivery.

Rotary Machines and Tattoo Guns

The artist will use the needles in the rotary machine or tattoo gun to work on your make up. These needles come in various weight and sizes and may have one or multiple prongs. Some beauty specialists will tell you that this is the most complicated section in cosmetic tattooing apart from the actual skill that they gain through actual training and experience. You must learn how to follow a specific tattoo design and angle or facial outline.

Prong Needles Used in Eyebrow Tattooing

Permanent make up Korea experts use roundprong needles to add fill to the shape of your eyebrows and they may also use it to fill in your lip. There are two round prong needles that rapidly eject more pigments. The flat needles are best for outlines because there are finer. Most of these prong needles are sterile and disposable. You can also discuss with the expert which needles he will use because some procedures work well with fine needles while others require 7 prong needles. The time the specialist takes to fill a brow depends on the kind of needle she is using. The type of needle will also determine the thickness of stroke and sharpness of design.

Permanent Make Up Application Measuring

The measuring tool is used prior to the tattoo procedure and will assist the artist to know where he will place the brows so that they are symmetrical. The specialist may use special markers or stencils to outline the shape of the eyebrow tattoos.


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