Get Longer, Fluttery Eyelashes with Self-Growth Lash Extensions

Do you want long fluttery lashes, but do not want to put eyelash extensions on every time you do your makeup? There is a procedure that enables you to naturally grow longer, fuller lashes. Through self-growth eyelash extensions you can get the lashes you always wanted.

At Pitangui Lee Na Young Aesthetic and Academy we specialize in eyelash extensions. Through our self-growth procedure a digital micropigmentation needle is used, similar to that used for semi-permanent makeup, to open up the pores in the eyelids. Over time we usually only have about 20 percent of pores open. This is why we cannot grow longer eyelashes. By opening the pores, you give your lashes a chance to grow longer and fuller. Once you receive this treatment you will find that within three months you will see a difference in your lashes.

At Pitangui Lee Na Young Aesthetic and Academy we also offer eyelash extensions training in Seoul. During our 2-day intensive training class we cover all you need to know for both applying eyelash extensions and performing the self-growth procedure. During the training course students will also receive hands on experience in both techniques.

Our professionals have extensive experience in eyelash extensions, which is why they want to convey their knowledge and help you feel confident in these procedures. They are also on hand to answer any questions you might have.

At Pitangui Lee Na Young our professionals want to help you. If you are unsure whether you want to sign up for the eyelash extensions training class in Seoul, we welcome you to sit in on a class before registering. Don’t hesitate, get the long, fluttery lashes you  want today. To learn more or to register now, contact our team of professionals.

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