Getting the Eyebrows You Always Wanted with Semi-Permanent Makeup

Are you finding it hard to maintain your eyebrows? Are they not full or bold like you have always wanted? One way to achieve the brows you want without the hassle and maintenance is through semi-permanent makeup in Korea.

What is semi-permanent makeup? This procedure is a popular technique in Korea and around the world because of its natural look. One aspect of semi-permanent makeup is eyebrow embroidery. This technique is used to give you natural looking, fuller eyebrows.

With eyebrow embroidery and other semi-permanent makeup techniques in Korea, a natural mineral pigment is used. Our technicians will apply this pigment to the skin and for the eyebrows, they will use a feathering technique to ensure that the pigments blend with your natural brows.

At our facility, our technicians will consult with you to answer any questions you have about the procedure, and to help you get the ideal eyebrows you are looking for. They will also provide you with other semi-permanent makeup services such as lip lines, eye line, and hair line.

Unlike eyebrow tattoos in Korea, eyebrow embroidery is not a permanent solution. It won’t fade over time or look patchy. You will be able to maintain it and make changes to the shape. Therefore, it was not a lifetime commitment.

When it comes to your brows, they make a statement on your face. This is why you do not want them to be misshapen, patchy or boring. With eyebrow embroidery you will find that you can get the brows you always wanted.

If you are interested in learning more about eyebrow embroidery or our other semi-permanent makeup procedures, contact our professionals at Pitangui Lee Na Young Aesthetic and Academy today. We will help you get your ideal look.

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