Getting the Right Permanent and Semi-Permanent Makeup


Before applying permanent makeup Korea, you need to undergo a patch test on the skin to find out if you have any allergic reactions to the colors used in the procedure. After this procedure, you will have to choose a color based on the suggestions and advice from this artist. The technician will use a sterile surgical pen to draw a sketch in the area of putting the tattoo, and then apply the anesthetic gel on the skin.

The technician will then use the hollow vibrating needle to apply the pigment to the skin. A dye gets into the hole made on the surface immediately the needle penetrates. The feeling is quite stingy. It will take three weeks for the color to fade into its permanent shading. During the first days of doing permanent makeup Korea, the color will look dark and shiny, while the surrounding tissue will look red and swollen.

You can use an antibiotic ointment to help in preventing infection and a cold compress to reduce swelling. The use of sunscreens and strict sun avoidance will block the all ultraviolet spectrum for several weeks to avoid inflammatory color changes. It is rare to experience complications, but the common one is the allergy to the dye.

The state-of-art semi-permanent makeup Korea is used mostly by models, entertainers, and actors as a method of enhancing beauty. Many people use this makeup because it comes with many benefits like saving money, time, and the daily frustration of putting on making up in the morning and during the day.

This makeup consists of applying the eyeliner, lip color, and eyebrow simulation. You can also decide to undergo other semi-permanent makeup procedures like scar camouflage, beauty marks, and areola reconstruction.

Semi-permanent makeup Korea comes in handy when you are tired of drawing your eyebrows daily. You will throw away your eye pencil because you will end up getting eyebrows that will allow you to go to the gym and swimming pool without fearing to rub your eye pencil.

The first step the artist will do is to draw your desired brows by use of the cosmetic pencil for you to visualize the shape. He will then apply the semi-permanent color by tattooing each hair stroke one after the other by use of the feathering technique to build short and long strokes. The right artist will just draw the design once without using a stencil. You do not have to remove your current hair strokes while doing semi-permanent makeup.

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