How did I enhance my look and revitalize mornings? Permanent Makeup, Korea!


I used to wake up in conflict every day. As a morning person, I couldn’t wait for my first cup of coffee. But I also knew that shortly after that, I’d have to get ready, and that meant applying makeup. Nearly an hour of time spent with various creams, pastes, powders, and liquids trying to cover blemishes, even skin tone, and add texture. The end results were okay, but I couldn’t help but think that there was a better way.

On a lazy, overcast morning I was surfing the web and reading the latest fashion, hair, and makeup blogs when I came across semi-permanent makeup in Korea. I had heard of it before, but wasn’t very familiar with it and I had no idea that it was something accessible and affordable for everyone! I had only ever heard of it in association with celebrities. Based on my experience, here’s three things you need to know.

It’s not really permanent.

 Often referred to as permanent makeup in Korea, this is a misnomer because it actually lasts only about a year. So, while it lasts a long time, you can also still change up the look, tone, color, or shading after it wears off. Many people don’t go for it because they fear that it will never go away, but this simply isn’t true.

It’s more inexpensive than you probably think.

Semi-permanent makeup treatments have the reputation of being opulently expensive and reserved only for the wealthiest of people. This couldn’t be further from the truth. I don’t’ want to give the impression that it’s cheap, but prices range from $150 an hour up. So, if you imagine spending $400 for a treatment and it lasts a year, then you’re spending about $34 a month on your makeup. Most of us spend way more than that in a given year on traditional make up. Don’t count out semi-permanent makeup Korea simply because of price.

It’s not that painful.

One of the most common fears is that permanent makeup Korea is very painful. This is not the case. It is more accurately described as a mild discomfort that passes quickly. Plus, aestheticians are very, very good at what they do. They have a great deal of training and specialize in this area of beauty care.

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