How is eyebrow embroidery done?


The technician will start by cleaning the brow line by removing strays. He will then apply the anesthetic cream to reduce the pain sensation. After drawing the desired brows, he will use a blade to cut small pieces of the top skin layer away and apply color in its place. The blade the technician will use is similar to the Exacto knife, meaning that it is sharp and thin. You might encounter some swelling and redness, but this feeling will take place within a few hours to several days of the procedure.

This color will fade to up to seventy percent within a month. Eyebrows will keep changing its design and color until 2nd week. However it is very normal that the color and design keep changing. Since we consider this part as a healing process.

Is it safe?

Just like any other cosmetic procedure, eyebrow embroidery Korea is safe if you are careful with what you are doing. If you desire to minimize infection and get the best quality treatment, you need to get a technician with the required certification and qualification from a reputable institution. You need to ask about sterilization. The tools used need to be sterile to avoid the transmission of bacteria. To make sure that there is no reuse of blades and needles, you need to witness the packages being opened and dumped.

It is a natural procedure

Many people will swoon over your eyebrows but you will also come across haters who will keep saying that they want things natural. Deciding to undergo the eyebrow tattoo Korea procedure means that you are restoring them to their natural state. You might have been the reason why your brows are scarce if you shave them during your teen years. You might also have plucked them or slept in painted brows.

It is semi-permanent

Unlike any other makeup tattoos, eyebrow tattoo Korea will not last an eternity. You might get saddened at first until you realize that tattooing the top layer of your skin will give it a natural effect. The brow style will also change. Since this treatment will last for 2-3 years, you can change the brows after the period to get another design that excites you. As per the trend we change the style we keep changing the style of the eyebrows.

The procedure usually finishes within 1 and half hour. The actual linking will take about fifteen minutes but the application procedure will take close to one hour. You need to do a paint of the desired brow before the treatment to attain the desired shade.

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