How is Permanent and Semi-Permanent Makeup Done?


Before embarking on permanent makeup Korea, your skin will have to get a patch test to check if it is allergic to the pigment in question. You will then have to select your color of choice basing on the advice the artist will give you. The artist will use a surgical pen which is sterile to sketch the tattoo area and then put the anesthetic gel on the skin. The technician will apply this pigment in the top skin layer using a vibrating, hollow needle. Every time the needle infiltrates the skin the pigment droplet gets into the hole made by the needle. The feeling will be slightly stingy.

It will take almost three weeks after getting the tattoo for the color to fully fade leaving behind the permanent shade. In the first days, the color will tend to look shiny and dark, and the tissue surrounding it will look red and swollen. Once the permanent makeup Korea is done, you can use the antibiotic ointment to reduce infection and cold compress to condense swelling. You need to strictly avoid direct sun and use sunscreens to block ultraviolet rays for a few weeks for preventing post-inflammatory changes to color. Complications are intermittent but they can be allergic reactions or infections to the dye of the tattoo. Permanent makeup usually fades with time and may require touch-ups.

The procedure taken during semi-permanent makeup Korea will make sure that you love the end product. First of all, your eyes will be measured and then designed by the skilled artist. Once you accept the design, the mineral-based, non-toxic pigment is vibrated gently in the skin’s dermal layer. The application of the dye is made on the lash line in thin layers by use of a dotting technique until when the desired shape and color is achieved.

Since the design of the shape is done by the use of an erasable pencil, you will have to approve the designed shape before starting micro pigmentation. After the pigment is put in the thin layer, and you can monitor how the application is underway, you need to be certain that your desired look will be achieved.

For semi-permanent makeup Korea to be a success, you need to take a touch up session after two weeks. This session will allow the shape and color to settle into the skin. You can use this session to make desired changes to make the results lovelier.

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