Is Micro Blading Necessary For Your Eyebrows?


You realize that eyebrow embroidery is necessary for you when you look in the mirror and ascertain that your eyebrows are not looking beautiful. To begin this process of eyebrow embroidery Korea, the technician will remove strays by cleaning up your brow line. He will then apply the anesthetic cream to reduce pain sensation. Once you have the desired eyebrow design, he will use a blade to cut small pieces of your skin and apply the new color. The blade is very thin and sharp. You might encounter minor swelling and redness which will disappear after several hours of the day. After two weeks of applying the color, almost 50% of it will go.

You will have to take a follow-up session to add more color to the brow area. You need to avoid scrubbing and picking off scabs which may result from the brow area to protect the new brows. Just like any other cosmetic procedure, eyebrow embroidery Korea is safe as long as you go to the right artist. In case you want to minimize infection and get the right quality of treatment, you need to ensure that the technician has proper certification and qualification from the right organizations. You need to also ask about sterilization because you will be sure of not getting an infection from bacteria. You need to make sure that you see the packages of the needle open to avoid the reuse of needles.

The eyebrow tattoo Korea will make sure that your feeling towards brows will change completely. All you need to do is to discuss your requirements with the artist to achieve your full blown potential of beauty. The techniques used in this procedure combines soft textures and trendy looks that will give you defined eyebrows. There are different tattoo colors that you can choose for your brows. You can choose among chestnuts, auburn, golden, and ash blonde colors that will match with your skin to give the right shading.

Eyebrow tattoo Korea is usually superficial to the skin and uses ink that is degradable for the immune system to digest and push out the pigment. Your lifestyle and skin will determine the length of time that the tattoo will spend on you, but it averages three years. It is necessary to do touch-ups every after one year to make sure that they remain in the right condition. You need an average of two sessions in a span of two weeks to ensure that you gain the best results.

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