Is Permanent and Semi-Permanent Makeup Worth the Pain?

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Semi-permanent makeup in Korea usually lasts between nine to eighteen months. The treatment type used is mineral-based, natural, and non-toxic. These treatments are therefore hypoallergenic. The therapist first uses regular eye pencils for shaping and coloring the brow. Once the client is happy, a topical anesthetic is applied for numbing the skin. A fine needle is used for tattooing the individual’s hair. This is a very irritating and painful procedure. The same process is used when making an eyeliner. Although this process is not comfortable, it does not hurt and ends within forty minutes.

After doing semi-permanent makeup Korea, your eyebrows will be perfect, and the eyeliner will look great. This procedure does not bring about soreness or scabbing, and after few weeks, the overall effect will be looking natural and fantastic. These results fade after twelve months and require a touch-up treatment that is not expensive.

When you have a busy schedule, you need to opt for a semi-permanent makeup Korea because you will have saved the time for applying makeup and washing your hair. When you have sparse eyebrows, pencilling them on a daily basis can become tricky; therefore, results from the semi-permanent makeup can be plucking.

According to Dendy Engelmann, a Manhattan Dermatologist, permanent makeup Korea is an art of implanting pigments or dyes in the first dermal skin layer for enhancing certain eyebrow features like the lips and the lash line. This make-up can also be crucial for concealing skin imperfections like surgical scars, stretch marks, and skin conditions like Alopecia, Vitiligo and cleft lip.

Anesthesiologists say that they would not like people to know what they have done to a client that has taken permanent makeup in Korea. They want you as a customer to look just like yourself. This procedure, though painful, helps those people who have allergies to makeup, those with movement impairments, those with Bel’s palsy, and post-stroke clients.

It is also important to note that your mind, changing permanent makeup is not easy. Be keen to adopt a trend which will take long to date. Taking precaution during this procedure will ensure that you do not get infections and spoilt pigments. Take good care of the area under treatment for some weeks for proper healing.

You need to think of this procedure as permanent. However, you might find that some of the treatment fades with time. With time, some colors will migrate producing creepy results. Make sure that your practitioner uses inert pigments that do not react metabolically.

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