Makeup by facial part | Eyebrow Tattoo in Korea

The exquisite and harmless process of eyebrow tattoo in Korea is a vital element of all makeup by facial part done by Pitangui Lee Na Young Academy. This treatment draws individual hair strokes into the skin under the brows with extremely precise magnification. With a blend of various bespoke natural pigments, the technicians weave microscopic simulated hair strokes among the original ones with a sterilized needle and disposable cartridge to boost, define, and mesmerize the brows. The tattooing suits all eyebrow patterns and skin types and complications are nil. The results of eyebrow tattoo in Korea can last at least two years with negligible maintenance and is a natural-looking substitute to customary makeup.

Pitangui Lee Na Young Academy equipped with careful techniques and rich know-how provides differentiated beauty service with higher satisfaction.

A must for a perfect bare face, semi-permanent makeup!

Eyebrow tattoo korea

We use topix natural pigment manufactured suitable for skin tone by importing PDA-approved natural raw materials assigned to the highest class from German Dermatest. It is a natural and vivid semi-permanent makeup service through combination of various colors. Considering safety, we use safe needles, safe handpiece, natural pigment and disposable cartridge only.

Part of Therapy:3D semi-permanent eyebrows, hair line, eye line, lips, areola, eyebrows

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One-touch mucous
membrane eye line
(4-week program)
3D detail eyebrows
(4-week program)
One-touch mucous
membrane eyeline
Painless tinted lips
Natural hair line
Medical semi-
permanent makeup
One-touch mucous membrane eyeline

Vivid eye line surgery that is clear in sweat or water without need to re-touch

  • Customers with thin or unclear eyebrows
  • Customers with eye line that spreads easily due to tears
  • Customers lacking in confidence in drawing eye line or take much time
  • Customers who cannot draw eye line as eyes are sensitive
3D detail eyebrows
Exclusive 3D detailed Eyebrow is unique for its most natural look, in shape and color, especially its hair stroke effect, which really matters significantly in
defining an individual’s face, and changes a person’s entire look.
One-touch mucous membrane eyeline

Making charismatic and thick eyebrows for men

  • Customers with thin or unclear eyebrows
  • Customers with unbalanced eyebrows
  • Customers with partially-lack eyebrows
  • Customers who want to correct wrong tattoo
  • Customers who lack confidence in drawing eyebrows or take much time
Painless tinted lips

Expression of scarlet healthy and attractive lips without putting on lipstick

  • Customers with pale or black lips
  • Customers with messy and unclear line
  • Customers who want to correct thickness or shape of lips
  • Customers with lips that lipstick is easily erased
Natural hair line
Don’t worry about faltering forehead line, 3-shaped or uneven forehead!
Medical semi-permanent makeup
Coloring of nipple / nipple and correction of areola scar after breast surgery

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