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Pitangui Lee Na Young Semi-permanent Makeup Academy entered into an exclusive contract for partnership with a German semi-permanent pigment provider with 30 years-long tradition FEELGOOD for Asian regions

Pitangui Lee Na Young Semi-permanent Makeup Academy have taken efforts to have better technical skills and know-how without ceasing in developing domestic technology.

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Natural Mineral Pigments from FEELGOOD

  • 82 different pigments are available
  • All FDA approved natural mineral pigments

Before going to Germany for entering into the exclusive contract, we used machines and pigments of FEELGOOD with enough test time. Customers experiencing Pitangui Lee Na Young Semi-permanent Makeup can expect to have highly satisfying results.

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Semi-Permanent Makeup Machines from FEELGOOD

Semi-permanent makeup pigments and machines from FEELGOOD, Germany

  • All machines for Semi-permanent makeup received a patent and needles and other small tools can be manufactured with customization depending on customer’s needs.

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