Photo Gallery | Eyebrow Embroidery in Korea

Pitangui Lee Na Young Academy offers the ultimate eyebrow treatment to the ardent seekers of beauty. With a vital concentration on research and development, Pitangui offers a wide-ranging choice of eyebrow embroidery in Korea and the achievable results are unblemished and age-defying. Before you embark on this adventure of makeup, go through the before and after photos of scores of satisfied Pitangui customers.

In this photo gallery, you can view the final outcome of eyebrow embroidery in Korea, eyeliners, lips,hairline and eye lash extension done at Pitangui and also inspect the arch, depth, shade, and thickness of the professionally embroidered eyebrows. Experts discuss with consumers in great detail regarding the look they want to achieve. In this two-way conversation, they listen, react, and advise.


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