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Semi-permanent makeup Korea is a broad topic, and one of the questions that gets asked most is, “What kind of makeup can you find in semi-permanent treatment programs?” Depending on where you go and how much you’re willing to spend, there really is very little limit to what you can have done. In this blog, we’ll cover some of the basics so that you are aware of what’s out there.


Made famous mostly by celebrity social media account documenting their use of the products, permanent makeup Korea works wonders for eyebrows. Those with thinner eyebrows will love the results here because the treatment can fill, shape, and shade the eyebrow exactly to your desire. No more thin, transparent eyebrows.


In addition to the illusion of perfectly shaped eyebrows, aestheticians can apply semi-permanent eyeliner to both the top and bottom of your eyes. Not only does it illuminate the need to lean obnoxiously close to the mirror to apply, it also guarantees the perfect line, color, and shading every day for the life of the application. You can even add on top of it if you want a darker look for an evening. Then, rinse and your back to your beautiful, daily self.


There are so many options when it comes to lips. You can have them lined or go with full color, shaded in all the right places, a slightly darker line with intense contrast of the full lip, or gradually shaded from outer to inner. Your creativity and comfort are the only limits to what can be done. The fantastic part? Never having to take your mirror out to check for smears!

Blemish Control of All Kinds

Maybe you have a scar on your face from a nasty fall as a child. Maybe a beauty mark that you don’t like. Or maybe even some unsightly hair that you’d rather not have. Semi-permanent makeup treatments can take care of all of these things. The ability to shade and closely match skin tones make hiding scars, marks, or discoloration more possible than ever with semi-permanent makeup in Korea. Well-trained aestheticians can work wonders and leave you feeling more confident and beautiful than ever. They can even illuminate hair that just won’t quit!

There’s a lot more to permanent makeup Korea than you might initially think. Give semi-permanent makeup Korea a try and we think you’ll be quite satisfied!

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