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A new aesthetic technique is appearing on the various beauty magazines and gaining incredible popularity in modern Europe. The technique, known as semi-permanent makeup Korea, was first developed in Germany about 20 years ago and is a micro color insertion inside the skin, tattoo, micrographic method, durability enhancement makeup technique. The different names accorded to the technique include Contour Makeup in Germany, Semi-Permanent Makeup in the USA and Art Makeup in Japan, and semi-permanent makeup in Korea. The technique has an advantage over tattoo since it can be erased naturally over a certain period.

Another advantage is by the color placement between the granular and skin layer using a pigment which is a natural particle and thus gives almost no allergic reaction or discoloration. Finally, it has the advantage of that it can be operated again in tune with the times according to the trend of makeup as the product of mechanism that is usually erased with peeling off of keratin and repetition of metabolism.

The semi-permanent makeup is especially soothing to different customers: First are Customers who enjoy a sauna, sports and traveling. House people with no time to spare for makeup due to housework or childrearing are another bunch of customers.

Another lot includes customers inexperienced in makeup or ones without the time and anyone who wants to look clear and transparent at all times without makeup.

Lastly, it includes anyone who is afraid of makeups due to allergies with cosmetics and anyone who needs to maintain the highest beauty even with a bare face such as professional models and entertainers.

To begin with, the 3D detail eyebrow therapy of eyebrow tattoo Korea uses exclusive 3D detailed Eyebrow which is unique for its most natural look, in shape and color, especially its hair stroke effect, which matters significantly in defining an individual’s face and changes a person’s entire look. Furthermore, the One-touch mucous membrane eyeliner therapy of tattoo Korea is used for making charismatic and thick eyebrows for men and in particular customers who want to correct the wrong tattoo. Increasingly, the Medical semi-permanent makeup Coloring of nipple or nipple and correction of areola scar after breast surgery is a part of the therein therapies. And lastly, the painless tinted lips therapy is an Expression of scarlet healthy and attractive lips without putting on lipstick.

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