Semi-Permanent Makeup Korea – Basic Techniques

Semi-permanent makeup korea can enhance the natural beauty of your eyes, eyebrows, eyelashes or lips. This time saving beauty technique saves you the hassle of applying and retouching makeup throughout the day. Never again will you have to worry about your makeup fading in the heat or in the rain. Both semi-permanent and permanent makeup Korea gives you treatments on the cutting edge of beauty science. Here we are taking a look at some of the terms involved so that you have a more comprehensive understanding of how our therapies can help you to look glamorous around the clock. There are various techniques employed to give you your sought-after beauty treatment. Here is a look at the some of the methods used by your makeup artist.


Micropigmentation is a time-tried and tested procedure which is commonly called semi-permanent makeup, or at times dermal-pigmentation. Pigments matching your skin tone are planted beneath your top layer of skin into your second layer of skin by means of a needle micro insertion. This treatment is better for large areas which you want filled in. This is normally used for the eyebrows and at times the scalp.


Microblading is an alternative method of moulding and sculpting your eyebrows. This technique allows you to fill in, define, reconstruct or cover gaps. It is perfect for those with eyebrows in a poor condition. Instead of filling in an area with pigment, microblading uses a specialized pen to draw individual strokes in, one by one. This is the preferred technique for most due to the amazing way that the microblading mimics real hair. If you want the best semi-permanent makeup Korea has to offer, go for microblading.

Lip Liner

Aging causes your lips to slowly but surely lose pigmentation. Permanent lip liner, or lip repigmentation, is a great treatment which involves attention to the border of your lips. This work eventually causes the color to fill into your lips naturally, healing within roughly a week.

Areola Tattooing

This treatment can either lighten or darken the areola and nipple area. It is a favoured therapy for those who have undergone breast cancer and wish to restore their natural appearance without surgery.

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