Semi-Permanent Makeup Korea: Find Your New Passion


It’s probably an understatement to say that semi-permanent makeup in Korea is exploding. This is the case around the world as well, from Canada to Europe to Asia. The ease that semi-permanent makeup brings to life helps people look great faster and stay looking great longer. With such a booming industry showing no signs of slowing down, maybe it’s time for you to consider a career.

Semi-Permanent makeup training in Korea is required and is one of the things that makes the products and process so popular. Highly trained aestheticians use their training to match the makeup perfectly to your skin tone and face shape, highlighting the best features, evening color, shaping, and even hiding scars

Imagine a career in a growing field where you get to add value to people’s lives by helping them be their true and beautiful selves. We’ve compiled a few reasons we think you should get semi-permanent makeup training Korea!

Helping People

Who doesn’t love helping people. Insecurities often ravage women’s self-esteem, but getting the necessary training to use and apply semi-permanent makeup solutions will allow you to breathe life and hope into women of all ages! Beyond just having a great career, you can put that extra pep in someone’s day.

Better Makeup

 Semi-permanent makeup a better way to approach makeup. Instead of wiping powders and pastes on your face each day, the semi-permanent approach allows your natural skin tone to set the stage for makeup that becomes a part of you, more naturally blending to your tones and shape, allowing you to highlight and diminish specific areas of your face, and keeping it the same, day-after-day over the life of the treatment.

Great Income

Yup. We finally got to what you wanted to hear. Now, obviously for semi-permanent makeup in Korea rates will vary depending on what is charged. In terms of hourly rates, they can range from $150 to $300, and even $800 an hour – depending on the treatment and vendor. Estimates put the average at somewhere between $50,000 and $80,000. While specific income numbers can’t be guaranteed, it’s enough base information to know that the opportunity is great.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to take the next step? Head on over to our contact page and let us know you’re interested and get the best semi-permanent makeup training Korea has to offer.


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