Taking Care of Semi-Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup is an incredible, confidence boosting asset which saves you a great deal of time. However, as with anything, there are times when things can go wrong. Here we are taking a look at how to handle complications which can arise from permanent makeup, giving you valuable advice on what to do and how to stay safe. All of this is of course covered in-depth in our semi-permanent make up training korea best and most comprehensive form of beauty instruction.


Dealing with General Infections

A reputable permanent makeup artist takes extreme care when working with your skin. A good artist leaves little to no chance that an infection will occur, always wearing gloves and a facemask. Infections normally crop up during the treatment area being scratched. No matter how bad your itch is, don’t scratch the area. It can be flaky and tender for up to five days, picking at the area ups your risk of infection. Report any sign of infection to your makeup artist and they will advise you on the best course of action. Anti-inflammatory medication is usually prescribed while it is best to steer clear of caffeine and phosphates (such as is found in fizzy drinks) for the duration of your healing. Stay out of the sun to minimize the chances of irritating the area and you will have no complications.


Caring for Semi-Permanent Make Up Around Your Eyes

If you get any treatment around the eyes done, there are certain precautions which you have to follow. However, eyelash extensions training Seoul, and each other individual school, instructs each professional on the best practices to follow for each treatment. You will therefore be fully informed as how to handle your semi-permanent makeup korea. Yet if you keep the area clean and dry, avoiding to rub, pull or scratch while using only oil-free make up shortly after the treatment, you will experience rapid healing with very little discomfort. Anti-inflammatory medications are invaluable to anyone that has an incessant urge to scratch. You must at all costs avoid touching the area for the first few days.

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