The Rise of Permanent and Semi-Permanent Makeup


Semi-permanent makeup Korea started as a result of the influence brought about by body art tattoos. Incorporating these techniques when placing permanent makeup on the face is a long-lasting solution for most women who keep applying makeup on daily basis. Cosmetic tattoos became problematic because they start looking unnatural. The colors resulting from cosmetic tattoos easily fade into bluish gray, thus giving unsatisfactory results. With time, women realized that the colors used in doing tattoos were not compatible with the facial skin because it is more sensitive and thinner.

Semi-permanent makeup Korea uses products that are specifically designed for the facial skin. Applying semi-permanent makeup leads to natural looks that will keep you feeling beautiful. This makeup will not make you get stuck to one style for the rest of your life. Women have to make permanent life decisions on a daily basis; do not let makeup be one of the decisions that will haunt you for the rest of your life.

Most therapists will help you to choose the right colors for your facial skin that are non-toxic, custom blended, and come from mineral-based pigments. When doing pigmentation, they place individual hair follicles into the dermal layer of the skin. This equipment uses an acupuncture needle which gently vibrates in the dermal layer of the skin depositing the mineral pigment in the skin. The application of this dye is applied continuously until the ideal shape and color achieve a natural look.

Permanent makeup Korea involves implanting pigments in the skin to reproduce cosmetics looks. The most populous applications include enhancing colors around the eyes and the lips. Just like any other tattoos, permanent makeup fades with time and requires frequent touch-ups to improve looks. However, since this material is done with precision, it takes many years on the skin and cannot be washed off.

Permanent makeup Korea can ensure that you eliminate the daily hassle of applying makeup. This makeup is good for people with allergies to traditional methods, and for those individuals with difficulty if applying natural makeup. When consulting, you will learn the ins and outs as well as recommendations that you will benefit from the same procedure. You need to know that the pigment is put into the skin by use of a handheld tool. The manual method is the populous technique used to do permanent makeup because it is much gentler than any other procedure. However, you need to understand that you will have to do more touch-ups than other mechanical methods.

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