What you need to know before tattooing your eyebrows


Microblading tattooing technique is semi-permanent and creates hair-like strokes that fill in thinning or sparse brows. The aim of this practice is to give you effortless full brows; making you not to require expensive pencils or brow pencils. This theory sounds great but it is a humongous investment that is expensive. If you are for this procedure, it is vital to carry out a deep research. There are several things you need to understand before procuring this procedure. They include;

It is not permanent

Unlike body art tattooing, eyebrow tattoo korea, is quite superficial to the skin. The inks are degradable because the immune system will digest the ink before pushing the pigments out. The looks will start fading with time. This procedure will last for three years depending on your skin type. You need to procure touch-ups at least once per year. This procedure is good because you will not get stuck with the procedure that you do not fancy.

You might require two sessions to get the ideal outcome

On average, you require two sessions; the first one then the next session will take place after four weeks. The purpose of the touch up session after four weeks is that there are skin types that push out the ink and the hair strokes might not be saturated in a particular region. With eyebrow tattoo Korea procedure, it is possible to tell if there are imperfections in the outcome.

How will you get the required results?

Most people that procure eyebrow embroidery Korea are women with light brown hair and pale skin. The commonest complaint is that the coloring of the brow is too dark. If you desire the best results, you need to preselect a color with your technician. However, you need to remember that the color will start lightening after two weeks. The other problem is that the brows will not match the muscle shape of the eyebrow. The embroidered brows will look out of place when you flex your muscles.

If you do not want to experience this problem, you need to look for a qualified technician to help you with choosing the right shade for your skin. After the technician draws the desired brow, you will check it out in the mirror before continuing with the appointment. You need to make funny faces while flexing the muscles to ascertain if you are happy with the position. After completing the procedure, making changes will be late and it is advisable not to be sorry with the result.

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