What You Need to Know in the Trendy Eyebrow World


Eyebrow embroidery Korea started getting popular in the last few years. Eyebrow embroidery, therefore, is a special tattooing form with which a pigment implant is put under the skin with tiny disposable needles making it look like hair strokes. The purpose of this insertion is giving thin brows a natural volume and thickness appearance.

Below are some of the things you need to know about this procedure

It Fits Anyone, Male and Female

Any customer both women and men, who have had hair loss as a result of ailments such as alopecia, trichotillomania, chemotherapy are likely micro blading candidates. However, if you are either pregnant or taking Accutane medication, you should not try micro blading.

It Requires Prior Preparedness

Before getting into eyebrow embroidery Korea, you need to understand what you are subjecting yourself to before starting. Be keen to carry out an in-depth research of the artist that will perform the procedure on you. You need to come with a few selfies and photos of yourself to show how you look when you have made your eyebrows.

Prepare To Have a Numb Feeling Both Physically And Emotionally.

After identifying the shape that you would like to put on your eyebrows, the artist will start drawing your tattoo of choice. After making the drawing, the eyebrow tattoo Korea artist will then apply a numbing ointment that will numb the area where the implant will be put. During numbing, the artist will start working on the shade which will be put on your eyebrows.

Prepare to Hate Then Love Your Tattoo

The actual procedure of micro blading takes about ten minutes. With the numbing cream, you will not feel any pain, and no bleeding will occur. You will just fill a slightly uncomfortable feeling of someone scratching your face. You will have a somewhat bad feeling after finishing the procedure because you will be looking different. The intensity of the brows will take almost two days to ward off. It will just take a few minutes, and you will fall in love with the new looks.

Keep the Brows Dry for One Week

After completing eyebrow tattoo Korea procedure, you will have to follow the right grooming tips like not wetting the skin for about one week for the color to sink. You will lose the pigments if your skin gets wet within the week. Use a washcloth to clean your face while avoiding the tattoo area. You can also use the Diaper Rash Ointment for helping the brows to heal faster.

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