Will your tattooed eyebrows look identical?


Technicians understand that eyebrows are not twins, but sisters. You need to understand this fact too if you want to have realistic expectations. No one has yeas that are equidistant from their nose’s bridge. Therefore, the starting points of your eyebrows quite different. One side of your ocular cavities is sometimes quite rounded or flat. Therefore, there is always a lot to account for before embarking on this procedure.

Does it hurt?

The eyebrow tattoo Korea procedure hurts a little bit. The pain is, however, easy. The right technician need to give you two options being the use of a numbing agent or drying the tattoo. The numbing agent will make your skin vulnerable and buttery, making it quite difficult for the artist to perform his duty. However, using this agent makes the client to experience a comfortable procedure. The numbing agent eases the pain considerably. However, you might feel a scratch-like sensation and pressure at some point.

The brows will lighten after two weeks

You do not have to panic when you get the feeling of having very dark brows when leaving the salon. They will tend to look dark during healing. There is no need of panicking. You need to trust the procedure and follow the aftercare instructions to the later. The darkest days with be three but the stabs will start falling off after the forth and the fifth day. You will start seeing the results of this procedure after eight days because the darkness will fade off by more than sixty percent.

You need to ready your skin

If you desire getting the best eyebrow embroidery Korea results, the technician will have to work with the skin in a natural state. You will have to avoid excessive exposure to the sun before the appointment for the technician to work on the skin in its natural state. If your brows get threaded normally, tinted, or waxed, you will have to do so three days before the appointment. You need to attend your appointment when you are hydrated, well-rested, and without a hangover.

It uses your existing brows

You might be thinking that you need to shave or remove the existing brows before undertaking eyebrow embroidery Korea treatment. This is not the case but when you are procuring regular body tattooing, you might have to shave the hair from the surface to be tattooed. The artist will include and keep as much natural eyebrows for as much as possible. The only eliminated hair is the one that fall outside the final shape if necessary.

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