[2015 Germany Overseas Training] Philip Elite Training Overseas Training

[2015 Germany Overseas Training] Philip Elite Training Overseas Training
Manager / 2017-01-09



Pigunggi Na-Yeong Semi-permanent Academy – 1st Pilot-Elite Training Overseas Training

Pei-guga Na-young beauty esthetics & academy in Germany 30 years tradition Pilgrim abroad training has gone ^ ^

We disclose contents of 1st day training during 3 days elite training

After signing an exclusive contract with the Philippines, we had the first volunteer elite training participation.

Many of you applied for it, but it was a first-come-first-served overseas training, so I feel a lot of disappointment for many people.

This 1st Pilot elite training training was about the training of Yu-ring semi-permanent ^^

On the first day, theoretical and practical classes were held together.

We have been able to study a little more deeply through various cases such as progressing for the color of the beautiful ridgeline and those who are suffering from scarring.

The most important pigment in semi-permanent surgery !!

30 years of traditional German coloring FEEL GOOD

Asian Exclusive Agreement Na Young Semi-

Thanks to you guys who are so active and hard, it was the 1st day of the German Elite Training


In this elite training overseas training

How important is semi-permanent makeup medically

The importance of sanitation and disinfection

Which part of the human skin layer should contain pigment

Difference between companies using environmentally friendly pigments and pigments containing harmful substances


I explained to you easily.




You informed me that there are cancer-causing pigments that add harmful substances that are not natural pigments.


It was time to realize again how important pigment is in semi-permanent makeup!


Women who have had breast cancer with breast cancer, or those who have scarred scars after breast enlargement surgery

Listen to a picture with healing healing as a semi-permanent makeup

I learned that semi-permanent makeup is not only a beauty but also a procedure that can improve the quality of life by one step.

The first elite training members who finished the last training session ^ ^

The 1st Certificate of Humanitarian Medicine in Germany and the Certificate in Yeungryung Semi-Gu


We started with the certificate ceremony and prepared for the gift.


It is the Na-yong Academy which is leading seminar in the seminar class focusing on practical skill ^ ^




A high-quality curriculum of professional beauty instructors

To nurture top experts who are strong in the practice through systematic lectures

Pei-gugi Nyoung Esthetics & Academy is conducting a specialized education focused on practical training


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