[2015] Visited FEELGOOD, a famous German semi-permanent enterprise

[2015] Visited FEELGOOD, a famous German semi-permanent enterprise
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Pei-guga Nanyou Esthetics & Academy – Visit to Germany / FEEL GODD

Hi ~ Pei Gung Na Inoue is aesthetic & academy.

Many people know that semi-permanent make-up machines and pigments in Germany are famous ~

We are already using the famous  ‘amia’ machine and pigment in Korea, at Pigangui Na Young Semi-permanent Academy !


But besides the brands that are in Korea,

Germany has many good machines and pigments!


So, in June last year, Dr. Nyeong Lee of Pigangi Nanyou Esthetics & Academy

I would like to inform the students of semi-permanent academy and semi-

You are on a business trip to Germany !





It is FEEL GOOD which produces semi-permanent make-up machine and pigment in Germany and runs an academy



FEEL GOOD to make semi-permanent makeup machine and dye production as well as to proceed with the procedure

The semi-permanent make-up room in foreign countries is very strange.


The purpose of the trip is Germany German semi-permanent make-up of the company in good mechanical and pigments

It is for use in Pigangi Nyun beauty esthetic & academy !

So I contacted the semi-permanent machines and the places where the pigments were directly produced ^ ^

You can use your own machine and check it carefully.

It is a machine and a pigment that have not yet come into the country.

After the meeting, I will be with FEEL GOOD company representative!

I have been talking to the FEEL GOOD company since I came to Germany in June.

I can finally deliver good news!

I’ll give you the details in the next posting ^^!



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