2017. December pore / lifting / elasticity at once skin event

2017. December <aura radiance> pore / lifting / elasticity at once skin event
Administrator / 2017-12-13 15:12:56

ADIEU 2017

Hi Pigandi Ina Young Beauty Center has opened a skin event after the semi-permanent event in 2017 🙂

Moisture + Pore Management + Lifting + Elasticity + Brilliance at the same time

Aura radiance skin event

Aqua-Phil + 500 high-frequency wave !  Laser treatment at once!

Moisture and pore management, lifting and elasticity are solved at the same time.

It’s a skin event that can be solved 🙂

50% off skin event

Dry skin in winter and dry skin !

The pores become narrower, the skin moistens, and the lifting elasticity effect up to Super Guitt!

Aquafil effect:

Remove waste materials such as sebum

Causes of acne Removal of folliculitis Cleanse the skin

Provides plenty of moisture and nutrition, moisturizing skin

High frequency light effect:

Wide pore reduction effect, skin lifting effect, acne scar improvement effect,

 Reduction effect of lifting off the ball, double-sided easing effect

Winter special discount event, do not miss 🙂

Inquiry / Reservation

★ TALK @ Pigmented nai-young semi-permanent
★ TEL 02.544.1317

* Period: Until 2018. January 31, anyone can apply.

* Reservation required!

Visit Semi-permanent Event


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