[2017] Inter Cham Beauty Expo Korea COEX Beauty Fair

[2017] Inter Cham Beauty Expo Korea COEX Beauty Fair
Manager / 2017-11-23
Inter Cham Beauty Expo Korea

Hello, this is Pigungi Na Young Beauty Center!
Beauty fair held in COEX C Hall from today! I have been to Inter Chom Beauty Expo Korea ~
It seems to be a beauty fair
that can be a great opportunity to get the latest beauty trends from domestic to overseas  🙂 Inter Chom Beauty Expo Korea has a wide range of beauty products / beauty products including cosmetics It’s an exhibition, and you can see cosmetic products you have not seen in the past.

This  2017 Inter Cham Beauty Expo Korea cosmetics / make-up to esthetic / SPA hair / scalp care,  nail art / eyelash / semi-permanent / medical beauty. Organic / health / healing, including a variety of beauty companies to naerora in the domestic beauty industry to  laid haejusyeot participation. If you are interested in beauty and beauty, I would  like to recommend it to you. It will be held from Thursday, November 23 to Saturday, November 25  .

Even though it was the first day of the fair, there were a lot of visitors, and there
were quite a lot of foreigners!

It was a big exposition with companies from Russia, China and Europe as well as Korean companies 🙂

I think it would have been nice to be able to test various cosmetics that I could not easily access 🙂 If you like cosmetics, it will be a chance to see and test these things.

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