2018.03 Overseas training Schedule

2018.03 Overseas training <Rome> Schedule
Administrator / 2018-03-13 15:48:00

2018.03 Overseas elite training course schedule.

2018.03.22 ~ 2018.03.28

I have already participated in overseas training with Pigandi Na Young Academy 4 years ago 🙂

This romanization abroad training is a permanent semi-

Jurgita Jasiunaite

It is the training to listen and study the class directly.

After two days of lessons, we will offer a two-day tour course

It’s a short time, but you can also build up your skills and travel!

The overseas training program for the first half of this year was completed early and was even more intense.

I will announce the overseas training in the second half of this year soon 🙂

Please join us a lot.

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