[2018.08] 3 light glitter skin event OPEN

[2018.08] 3 light glitter skin event OPEN
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In 2018, the heat has been going on for more than a year,

People are turning upside down because of the heat.

At Pigungi Na-Young Beauty Center, we have opened the water light, Yoon Kwang, and Kwangwang 3-light event for tired skin!

Three light moisture management events

It is a summer special management event that not only treats moisture, but also cleanses puffy pores and shines dull and tired skin!

You get a 50% off management fee for neck and shoulder massage, aquafil and scalp cooling care at the same time!

Let’s add light to skin 3 light event !!
It calms the hot skin in summer
and cleanses the pores filled with blackheads, whiteheads, and wastes,
while adding sunlight to the dull skin.
3 light summer skin care ♥

All skin care can be received comfortably in a private space. In
Pigungi Na Young Beauty Center,  one-to-one custom skin consulting will help
you to manage your essential skin .

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