[2018] Roman elite training abroad training

[2018] Roman elite training abroad training
Manager / 2018-04-17

Hi! Pei-gugi In Young Beauty Center ~ ^^

This year’s first elite training overseas training was held in Rome, Italy ~

I have come back with really useful information and time!

I took a two-day course in feathering class.

Of the 28 students attending classes, 5 students from Korea participated in the Pimpungi In Young Beauty Center. ^

In Western Europe, it is a bit different from Korean style 3D technique,

Usually in overseas, feathering technique means that feather-like eyebrows can be expressed ~

At Pigangi In Young Beauty Center, I visited the microblending academy, famous for feathering eyebrows. ^^

There are eight members who are one of the chiefs who teach the feathering technique and the assistants who are the chief class talents!

For our students, we have been specially focused on providing a two-minute supply of senior class assistants. 

I studied harder !!

The class proceeded from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm ~

Lunch time was also provided for about 1 hour 30 minutes and we ate pizza together and had fun time.

Last day of the long-awaited second day !!

Practice consists of three teams, practice freely,

For the actual model, the demonstration exercises were given in 1: 1, and the procedure was performed with the assistant general ledger.

We have also been able to target European Western customers with Western models so that we have a new experience!

We were attended by Dr. Na Young Young and five Pei Tang Nyun Beauty Center students.

We received good feedback from our students and we were very proud of our training in Rome Elite Training abroad ^ ^

At Pigandini Na Young Beauty Center, we focus on styles and techniques that are appropriate not only for Asia but also for Europe and the West.

I will be a beauty center that can lead to more international activities.

Pigungi Na Young Beauty Center in Rome 2018

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