Hi, I’m Pigungi Na-yeong semi-permanent academy 🙂 In 
coming  July,  Pig-gi Na-yeong semi-permanent academy has a special semi-special lecture! It’s a great opportunity to learn new semi-permanent makeup skills and develop practical application skills 🙂


Fibrous master famous for European semi-permanent makeup  ! The J Academia’s Jurgita Jasiunaite special lecture will be held. The seminar will be held at the Four Points by Sheraton Gangnam from  July 24th to July 26th for July semester seminar.


First, I will introduce you to Jurgita Jasiunaite , 
Master of European Semi-permanent Makeup J Academy  . It is part of the famous semi-permanent make-up academy in  Europe, Fibrou , and  
holds a semi-permanent academy in Europe.
Katerina Zapetlova Semi-permanent make-up education completed 
Phiremoval semi-permanent removal training 
Femina Bona Skin and hand and foot care education completed 
Beauty Law New concept education Cidesco International Beauty Law and Esthetic Committee 
Silver Lotus Academy education completion 
Goldeneye semi-permanent makeup education completion 
Orsini & Belfatto academy completion 
MEDER Beauty science Education Completed 
UM Eyelashes Education 
Elena Zemskova Massage Education Completed 
PhiContour Contour Education 
Ericson Laboratoire Completed 
Christina Education 
BCM Cosmetics Education 
Otchenash Sviatoslav 
Makeup Perfect Permanent Education Completion 
Cosmetica Italia National Beauty Association Education Completion 
Elite Scuola di Formazione Professionale Education Completion 
David Brow Art Semi-permanent Eyebrow Training Completion 
Hollywood Fashion Semi-Semester Class Education Completed 
Stanislawska Beauty & Spa Training
Manuela Ravasio Wellness & Spa Education 
PMU Greece Masterclass Participation
On Jurgita Jasiunaite  homepage, 
you can also check out various semi-permanent academy activities and photos 🙂

2018.03 Overseas elite training course schedule.

2018.03.22 ~ 2018.03.28

I have already participated in overseas training with Pigandi Na Young Academy 4 years ago 🙂

This romanization abroad training is a permanent semi-

Jurgita Jasiunaite

It is the training to listen and study the class directly.

After two days of lessons, we will offer a two-day tour course

It’s a short time, but you can also build up your skills and travel!

The overseas training program for the first half of this year was completed early and was even more intense.

I will announce the overseas training in the second half of this year soon 🙂

Please join us a lot.


In 2018, the heat has been going on for more than a year,

People are turning upside down because of the heat.

At Pigungi Na-Young Beauty

Center, we have opened the water light, Yoon Kwang, and Kwangwang 3-light event for tired skin!

Three light moisture management events

It is a summer special management event that not only treats moisture, but also cleanses puffy pores and shines dull and tired skin!

You get a 50% off management fee for neck and shoulder massage, aquafil and scalp cooling care at the same time!

Let’s add light to skin 3 light event !! 
It calms the hot skin in summer 
and cleanses the pores filled with blackheads, whiteheads, and wastes, 
while adding sunlight to the dull skin. 
3 light summer skin care ♥

All skin care can be received comfortably in a private space. In 
Pigungi Na Young Beauty Center,  one-to-one custom skin consulting will help 
you to manage your essential skin.



ADIEU 2017

Hi Pigandi Ina Young Beauty Center has opened a skin event after the semi-permanent event in 2017 🙂

Moisture + Pore Management + Lifting + Elasticity + Brilliance at the same time

Aura radiance skin event

Aqua-Phil + 500 high-frequency wave !  Laser treatment at once!

Moisture and pore management, lifting and elasticity are solved at the same time.

It’s a skin event that can be solved 🙂

50% off skin event

Dry skin in winter and dry skin !

The pores become narrower, the skin moistens, and the lifting elasticity effect up to Super Guitt!

Aquafil effect:

Remove waste materials such as sebum

Causes of acne Removal of folliculitis Cleanse the skin

Provides plenty of moisture and nutrition, moisturizing skin

High frequency light effect:

Wide pore reduction effect, skin lifting effect, acne scar improvement effect,

 Reduction effect of lifting off the ball, double-sided easing effect

Winter special discount event, do not miss 🙂

Inquiry / Reservation

★ TALK @ Pigmented nai-young semi-permanent 
★ TEL 02.544.1317

* Period: Until 2018. January 31, anyone can apply.

* Reservation required!

Visit Semi-permanent Event




Hi! Good news for a long time!

There are a lot of people who have been waiting for more because it is an event that is not common 🙂

Semi-permanent make-up (semi-permanent eyebrow │ semi-permanent eye line) event at Pigungi Na Young Beauty Center!

November semi-permanent cosmetic event is underway

I’m going to extend the event by 1 month to December. 🙂

I’ll let you know in detail how you are doing during the semi-permanent makeup 🙂

First semi-permanent event!

If you come with a friend, share your joy together and discount the price!

My eyebrows + my eyebrows

If you do, I will also discount you 100,000 won!

Second semi-permanent event!

I want to be a beautiful woman

The semi-permanent eyebrow which becomes a distinct image in the people and the semi-permanent eye line simultaneously! chart

100,000 won discount !!!! I’m working on an event!

Semi-permanent eyebrows are 3D eyebrows,

It is the semi-permanent eyebrow which is most popular with natural eyebrow technique 🙂

As you can see from the post-war photographs, semi-permanent eyebrows can be obtained regardless of sex.

In the past, it was so thick just after the procedure that it was called aka Tanggu eyebrows 🙂

Nowadays, because it does not grow unnaturally like the old days

It is possible to produce a natural eyebrow on the day of the procedure.

sure! Even on the day of the procedure, daily life is possible!


A semi-permanent eye line that simultaneously runs with eyebrows

It is possible to live everyday immediately after the procedure 🙂

Because you are treated around the eyes like this, you need to be treated in a more professional place.

At Pigungi In-Young Beauty Center, we will proceed with the event

The directors themselves, not the chiefs themselves! 1: 1 responsibility from counseling to treatment.

You can be treated without worrying more.

If you want semi-permanent eyebrows and eye lines that do not have a high probability of failure, then # Pigungi Na Young Beauty Center !!

Also, events do not use cheap colors.

It is harmless to human body and can confirm all of FDA, OKO, CE which have all the strict certification in Europe

Natural German pigment is used, eyebrow color, according to skin color

You can choose the color you want.

Eyebrow and eye line events are ongoing until December 31,

I would like you to try your best to meet the beautiful people in advance by consulting and practicing in advance!



Hello, this is Pigungi Na Young Beauty Center 🙂

In November, we had a double discount event ahead of the cold winter.

# # Double Discount Event that has been open for a long time at the Pigungi Na Young Beauty Center

1. I will make a double discount event

Eyebrow + eye line like you 100,000 won discount!

2. You will be with me double discount event

Eyebrow + eyebrows together, discount each 100,000 won!

For more information, please contact Katok or phone consultation 🙂

(Double discount event is available only in November 🙂

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Hi. It is Pigungi Na-Young beauty center.

Twelve pigment brands of semi-permanent cosmetics brands were judged to be hazardous.
The Pigungi In-Young Beauty Center does not use the brand of pigment that has been judged harmful.

Peiangui Inoue Beauty Center, all procedures oko certified FDA certified CE mark is approved, we use a natural German pigment fillet brand.

All of the instruments used are disposable, reliable and safe.


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