December Double discount event extension guide (semi-permanent eyebrow / eye line)

December Double discount event extension guide (semi-permanent eyebrow / eye line)
Administrator / 2017-11-29 17:26:16

Hi! Good news for a long time!

There are a lot of people who have been waiting for more because it is an event that is not common 🙂

Semi-permanent make-up (semi-permanent eyebrow │ semi-permanent eye line) event at Pigungi Na Young Beauty Center!

November semi-permanent cosmetic event is underway

I’m going to extend the event by 1 month to December. 🙂

I’ll let you know in detail how you are doing during the semi-permanent makeup 🙂

First semi-permanent event!

If you come with a friend, share your joy together and discount the price!

My eyebrows + my eyebrows

If you do, I will also discount you 100,000 won!

Second semi-permanent event!

I want to be a beautiful woman

The semi-permanent eyebrow which becomes a distinct image in the people and the semi-permanent eye line simultaneously! chart

100,000 won discount !!!! I’m working on an event!


Semi-permanent eyebrows are 3D eyebrows,

It is the semi-permanent eyebrow which is most popular with natural eyebrow technique 🙂

As you can see from the post-war photographs, semi-permanent eyebrows can be obtained regardless of sex.

In the past, it was so thick just after the procedure that it was called aka Tanggu eyebrows 🙂

Nowadays, because it does not grow unnaturally like the old days

It is possible to produce a natural eyebrow on the day of the procedure.

sure! Even on the day of the procedure, daily life is possible!


A semi-permanent eye line that simultaneously runs with eyebrows

It is possible to live everyday immediately after the procedure 🙂

Because you are treated around the eyes like this, you need to be treated in a more professional place.

At Pigungi In-Young Beauty Center, we will proceed with the event

The directors themselves, not the chiefs themselves! 1: 1 responsibility from counseling to treatment.

You can be treated without worrying more.

If you want semi-permanent eyebrows and eye lines that do not have a high probability of failure, then # Pigungi Na Young Beauty Center !!

Also, events do not use cheap colors.

It is harmless to human body and can confirm all of FDA, OKO, CE which have all the strict certification in Europe

Natural German pigment is used, eyebrow color, according to skin color

You can choose the color you want.

Eyebrow and eye line events are ongoing until December 31,

I would like you to try your best to meet the beautiful people in advance by consulting and practicing in advance!

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