Semi-permanent Makeup – Lips Micropigmentation

Training Objective

To equip Learners with the necessary professional skills to confidently perform a lip micropigmentation treatment

Training Objective

To equip Learners with the necessary professional skills to confidently perform a lip micropigmentation treatment


Korean Nano Crystal Lip Lining & Coloring

These simple yet effective treatments redefine your clients’ lip shape, volume and Cupid’s bow. Using this method creates a shiny look to the lips.

The technique uses a machine with small needle and works softly on the lips to very gently implant the color without creating too heavy of a lip-liner/border appearance.

Tint Lip Lining & Coloring

Semi-permanent lip tint treatment enhances the natural shape of your lips, giving them that boost of vitality and colour It is an extremely popular semi-permanent make up treatment providing a flush of colour as well as defining the lip contours.

Dark Lip Brightening

This technique is applied unto the lips by using natural pigments in order to brighten, highlight, define shape, and brings more emphasis to it. For people who have dark lips, we will make the lip color brighter by applying pink or orange color.

Who needs Lip Micropigmentation?

  • Different color of the top and bottom lips
  • Lip color flows/line is unclear
  • Dark lips due to smoking, excessively dry lips, UV exposure, allergies to lip product and genetics
  • Uneven lips due to weak muscle, lyme disease or genetics

What’s in it for you? :

  • Restore shape, fullness and transform thin or uneven lips
  • Huge choice of colours from nudes, bold and dramatic
  • Perfects the shape and symmetry of your lips
  • Smudge proof and kiss proof saving time spent endlessly reapplying lip color
  • Even, sensual lips, creating the illusion of volume


English and Chinese translator will be provided for International students for FREE.


You will be able to practice on Theory paper, 3D LATEX skin and Live model under the supervision of the Director


Special Discount is given when you buy the materials and products directly from us.


Cash U.S dollar is accepted

Bank Transfer-

Credit Card- if paid by card, there will be an additional 10% on top of the fee for the payment.

Paypal-  4.9% PayPal service fee will be shouldered by the students.


Students will get an enormous support and the individual attention needed during & after the training to  give them the confidence in learning new skill on semi-permanent makeup. We offer continuous support through social media & portal sites.

Inclusions :

  • Semi-Permanent Makeup Textbook
  • Modeling demonstration and observation of actual techniques
  • Hands on practice on a live model
  • Diploma from LEEN Beauty Academy
  • Diploma photo taking session with Master
  • Product & material special  discount for students
  • Continuous communication for advices and support with students through portal site & social media.


**We will provide training materials that you can use during training at our center.

Lips Micropigmentation Courses

  • Korean Nano Crystal Lip
  • Lining & Coloring
  • Tint Lip Lining & Coloring
  • Dark Lip Brightening

Training Schedule

1 Day Intensive course for each item above
Monday to Sunday (upon advanced booking)
From 11 AM – 6 PM