Overseas Training

Global Pitangui Lee Na Young October Overseas trip schedule announcement

The last overseas training program schedule for 2018 was opened!

2018.11.21 ~ 2018.11.24

5 days of semi-permanent make-up & skin care overseas training

2018 November Milan Training Program






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@ Pigunggi Na-Young semi-permanent or 02.544.1317

More consultation is possible 🙂

Since the overseas training in Milan is on a first come, first served basis,

Please apply in advance.



Hi! Pei-gugi In Young Beauty Center ~ ^^

This year’s first elite training overseas training was held in Rome, Italy ~

I have come back with really useful information and time!

I took a two-day course in feathering class.

Of the 28 students attending classes, 5 students from Korea participated in the Pimpungi In Young Beauty Center. ^

In Western Europe, it is a bit different from Korean style 3D technique,

Usually in overseas, feathering technique means that feather-like eyebrows can be expressed ~

At Pigangi In Young Beauty Center, I visited the microblending academy, famous for feathering eyebrows. ^^

There are eight members who are one of the chiefs who teach the feathering technique and the assistants who are the chief class talents!

For our students, we have been specially focused on providing a two-minute supply of senior class assistants.

I studied harder !!

The class proceeded from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm ~

Lunch time was also provided for about 1 hour 30 minutes and we ate pizza together and had fun time.

We were attended by Dr. Na Young Young and five Pei Tang Nyun Beauty Center students.

We received good feedback from our students and we were very proud of our training in Rome Elite Training abroad ^ ^

At Pigandini Na Young Beauty Center, we focus on styles and techniques that are appropriate not only for Asia but also for Europe and the West.

I will be a beauty center that can lead to more international activities.

Pigungi Na Young Beauty Center in Rome 2018


Hi. It is Pigungi Na-Young beauty center.

In this posting, if you are interested in cosmetics as well as Coduk

I would like to introduce you to BEAUTY DUSSELDORF !


The magnificent BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF, once a year,

It is held in Düsseldorf, Germany, the international commercial city of Dusseldorf.

Being a beauty name, cosmetics are basic, semi-permanent, nail, spa, beauty materials, etc.

This is where you can see all the information and trends about beauty and health at a glance.

Our Pigandini Na Young beauty center heads and students went together 🙂

With the enormous scale, the number of booths is so huge that it’s impossible to see them in one day.

This fair was held from March 31 to April 2 for a total of three days ~

Can you see has a generous allowance does open three days a year!

In the case of our Pigandini Na Young Beauty Center, we were going to Poland for the overseas training and lessons,

Beauty Düsseldorf is a hot event that can not be missed.

Even if you look at the maps, you can see that it’s a big place!

Halls 9 through 12 were the Beauty Dusseldorf fair. 

On the same dates, hair fairs and medical fairs were held elsewhere.

Let me give you a brief description of each hole. 

9th hole is pedicure, wellness, spa booth

10th Hall Cosmetic Exclusive Order Booth & Trend Forum

Hall 11 is cosmetic direct sales, service, uniform, accessories, custom jewelry, materials, semi-permanent booth

Hall 12 is all booths

related to nail

It was composed like this.

Thanks so much, we walked as hard as we ate.

The scale of booths participating in the world is not only Europe,

Austria, Belgium, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, 

Hungary, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Pakistan, Turkey, Spain, Switzerland, USA and so on !!

It was literally a glance at the beauty market in many parts of the world!

It was located within 15 minutes by tram from the center of Dusseldorf ~ 

We visited on the first day of the fair, but the weather was very good too ^ ^

I went early in the morning and many of you were already buying tickets!

We have pre-purchased on the internet so you can pass easily ~ ^^

The place where I walked hard and walked to the room where the gap was

Semi-permanent booths have been located Hall 12

One of the students who went with us got the test for buying the airbrush.

It was so nice to see the beauty trends around the world 🙂


Inter Cham Beauty Expo Korea

Hello, this is Pigungi Na Young Beauty Center! 
Beauty fair held in COEX C Hall from today! I have been to Inter Chom Beauty Expo Korea ~ 
It seems to be a beauty fair 
that can be a great opportunity to get the latest beauty trends from domestic to overseas  🙂 Inter Chom Beauty Expo Korea has a wide range of beauty products / beauty products including cosmetics It’s an exhibition, and you can see cosmetic products you have not seen in the past.

This  2017 Inter Cham Beauty Expo Korea cosmetics / make-up to esthetic / SPA hair / scalp care,  nail art / eyelash / semi-permanent / medical beauty. Organic / health / healing, including a variety of beauty companies to naerora in the domestic beauty industry to  laid haejusyeot participation. If you are interested in beauty and beauty, I would  like to recommend it to you. It will be held from Thursday, November 23 to Saturday, November 25  .

Even though it was the first day of the fair, there were a lot of visitors, and there 
were quite a lot of foreigners!

It was a big exposition with companies from Russia, China and Europe as well as Korean companies 🙂

I think it would have been nice to be able to test various cosmetics that I could not easily access 🙂 If you like cosmetics, it will be a chance to see and test these things.


Pigunggi Na-Yeong Semi-permanent Academy – Germany business trip

Pigunggi Na-yeong semi-permanent academy,

A 30-year-old semi-permanent pigment company in Germany

FEEL GOOD and Asia (Korea, China) Exclusive  Partnership Agreement!

Hi ~ Pei Gung Na Inoue is a beauty & academy.

In our Pigandi Na-Yeong Semi-permanent Academy,

I’ve been working hard to get better technology and know-how.

As a result, FEEL GOOD, a 30-year-old semi-permanent pigment company,

Korea and China have signed an exclusive partnership agreement!

FEEL GOOD, a 30-year-old semi-permanent pigment company in Germany.

I had time to check the system once before signing the contract.

The production, the manufacture and the packing of the product are done in the well,

The person who is in charge of making the coloring paper at the pilgrimage person explained the mixing of the pigments directly.

After listening to the description of the pigment formulation, you showed the process of making the pigment yourself ^^

Mixing ratio is important pigment!

Pigunggi Na-Young Semi-permanent Academy students and customers

I carefully checked and watched it to convey the clear information and technology ^ ^ 

Before going to Germany to sign a contract,

I tried the fillet machine and dye with enough test time.

In addition,  after meeting with various companies and testing, it is FEEL GOOD ,

You can experience semi-permanent treatment which can satisfy more people who are looking for semi-permanent semi-permanent academy.

Pigunggi Na-Young Semi-Final Academy & Germany FEEL GOOD Partnership!

As we have worked hard, please feel more satisfaction for those who are looking for Pyiwanggi Na Young Semi-permanent Academy!

Currently, Pigunggi Na-yeong Semi-permanent Academy

You can experience semi-permanent procedures using FEEL GOOD, a 30 year-old pigment company in Germany, using machines and pigments .



Pei-guga Nanyou Esthetics & Academy – Visit to Germany / FEEL GODD


Pei-guga Nanyou Esthetics & Academy – Visit to Germany / FEEL GODD

Hi ~ Pei Gung Na Inoue is aesthetic & academy.

Many people know that semi-permanent make-up machines and pigments in Germany are famous ~

We are already using the famous  ‘amia’ machine and pigment in Korea, at Pigangui Na Young Semi-permanent Academy !

But besides the brands that are in Korea,

Germany has many good machines and pigments!

So, in June last year, Dr. Nyeong Lee of Pigangi Nanyou Esthetics & Academy

I would like to inform the students of semi-permanent academy and semi-

You are on a business trip to Germany !

It is FEEL GOOD which produces semi-permanent make-up machine and pigment in Germany and runs an academy

FEEL GOOD to make semi-permanent makeup machine and dye production as well as to proceed with the procedure

The semi-permanent make-up room in foreign countries is very strange.


The purpose of the trip is Germany German semi-permanent make-up of the company in good mechanical and pigments

It is for use in Pigangi Nyun beauty esthetic & academy !

So I contacted the semi-permanent machines and the places where the pigments were directly produced ^ ^

You can use your own machine and check it carefully.

It is a machine and a pigment that have not yet come into the country.

After the meeting, I will be with FEEL GOOD company representative!

I have been talking to the FEEL GOOD company since I came to Germany in June.

I can finally deliver good news!

I’ll give you the details in the next posting ^^!