Thank you Master Lee and Director Jung for spending your valuable time teaching me. Thanks also to Young Joo who helped to a arrange my accommodation, pick up at the airport, and translation. I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your class, thank you so much!

Reika, Indonesia

his experience has been amazing, I have met so many new friends and learned so much. It can be challenging at times, but with the support and guidance of my lecturer Director Kim, Director Song and the interpreters Ms. Lee & Susan, I succeeded. Sorry if I gave you gals too much trouble! Sarangheyo

Jess Lo, Singapore

Pitangui Lee Na Young Academy has always been my dream academy to train in the use of semi-permanent makeup because they have such high standards and a great reputation. I had the best teacher, who shared so much knowledge and got straight to the point. Every tip she taught me has been really useful and, with the help of a great translator, easy to understand. Learning from Pitangui Lee Na Young Academy has given me a lot more confidence. Team members are always helpful and the learning environment is very relaxed. A big thank you to all the team. Highly recommended for those who wanted to be a superstar technician in the field of SPMU!

Ying Ying, Korea

Thank you Master Lee and Director Jung for spending your valuable time teaching me. Thanks also to Young Joo who helped to a arrange my accommodation, pick up at the airport, and translation. I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your class, thank you so much!

Reika, Indonesia

This is the first SPMU class I have attended and I’m so glad that chose PLNY Singapore. The ambience and set up of the Academy is conducive to learning and the staff are so approachable and welcoming. It was great to be in Director Lee’s class – she was very sweet and so knowledgeable, always looking after every student. I’m really looking forward to doing the advanced courses with PLNY Aesthetics & Academy.

Krishelle Anne, USA

This is the first course I’ve taken in semi-permanent make up and it specialized in eyebrow make up. Initially I was worried by the language barrier, but after I met our director Sol, and translator Young Joo, I could tell they were really professional and experienced in dealing with international students. I never felt bored in the class and always felt challenged (in a good way!) I even had the eyebrow procedure done myself at Pitangui Lee Na Young and love the result, it’s very natural. I highly recommend this academy.

Aimee, UK

Hi, this is Anne from Indonesia. I want to leave a review for the semi-permanent makeup course delivered by this Academy. I decided to do this course because I wanted to know more about semi-permanent makeup techniques. Thank God I met my lovely teacher, she was super patient and taught me so much; 3D eyebrows, suzi techniques, eyeliner, hairline, crystal tinted lips etc. She patiently guided me 1:1 until I had perfected each technique. At times I felt like giving up, but Director Sol always gave me motivation and support to do better saying “you can do it Anne, never surrender before trying

Anne, Indonesia

I really enjoyed the courses at PLNY Academy. I could not have done this without the support and help of the translators – Susan and Young Joo were amazing. They translated everything in great detail and were very thorough. Young Joo is so polite and kind. I am so glad of the help they gave me that allowed me to complete the course. Thank you!

Angie, Kong Kong

My experience with Pitangui Lee Na Young was superb. I had completed a basic eyebrow microblading class in Indonesia before, but I’d always wanted to expand my study in other areas. This was a 5-day course and with only 3 other students, the Director Sol and translator Young Joo. The curriculum is very organized. Each day we focused on different subjects; theory and hairline on the first day, eyeline and lips on the second day, and so on. This enabled us to concentrate more on each subject, rather than learning the whole thing together. The last day is the demonstration day, where we get to practice our skills on real models – under the watchful eye of our mentor, of course! After taking this course, I am much more confident in microblading. We each get one kit bag with an embo pen, suzi pens, pigments etc. However, in the class, the Academy provided us with the needles, blades, pigment and cups, because the kit is so expensive, they didn’t want us to use our kit. How thoughtful!! The building is very nice and clean. It has an indoor patio that we could use to relax during our break time. The classroom environment is calm and professional, we listened to music as we practiced so we didn’t feel too stressed out! Director Sol was extremely helpful and focused on teaching us; she paid equal attention to every student in the class, answering questions in a detailed manner. Translator Young Joo was the best! She also really helped us, not only in the learning process but also with the accommodation and answering all my questions before I enrolled myself at the academy. In class, she translated what Director Sol said very clearly, and made sure that we understood everything before moving on to the next subject. Director Sol and Young Joo are fun people, the class environment is not too tense because we joke around. Director Sol even recommended good restaurants nearby as we didn’t know the area. I found the whole learning experience beyond satisfying and I will definitely come back to Pitangui Lee Na Young to learn more techniques in the future!

Christina, Australia

When I first encountered semi-permanent makeup, I was totally amazed by how it can change a person’s image. I’m an aesthetician so understand how people want to improve their look. I knew semi-permanent would help do this! Pitangui Lee Na Young is one of the most famous semi-permanent makeup institutes and provides a really high standard of quality training (I’ve spent a long time researching reviews!) I decided to go to Korea and learn from its origin! Everyone was so patient and kind, the learning experience is fantastic and I highly recommend this academy as I’ve experienced unforgettable memories here in Korea!

Diane, Indonesia

I wanted to train in the art of semi-permanent so spent a long time researching the best schools. Lee Na Young Academy came up on the top of the list! It provides top quality training for amazing value for money. I was a bit nervous about travelling half way round the world but the whole experience was amazing. Korea is a beautiful country; the people are so friendly and I will definitely visit Korea again.

Emily, Manchester, UK

Bonjour! I wanted to combine travelling with learning, to increase my beauty training portfolio. Korea was a long way to go from France – but it was worth it. What an amazing place. I was a bit worried about the language barrier, but the translators provided on the course are fantastic! The course materials were also provided in English so I could understand this. Don’t hesitate to consider studying at PLNY Academy

Angel, Philippines

Wow – this Academy rocks! If you want to learn about SPMU techniques in an exciting, vibrant city then choose here! The team at Lee Na Young Academy are the best – always on hand to answer questions and really knowledgeable. Nothing was too much trouble. I had a problem finding accommodation at first, but they quickly got on the case and sorted it out. They seriously go above and beyond. Thanks to everyone!

Lara, France

The quality of training here is extremely high, and compared to UK tuition fees, it is just so affordable. The Academy building is modern and well equipped. I was surprised that it had quite a ‘European feel’ which made me not miss home too much! If you want a true adventure whilst learning from the best teachers, then I highly recommend it.

Millie, UK